1000th swissQprint Machine Now in Operation


JPC Labo of Marly, France, took delivery of the 1000th swissQprint large format printer in May. This Nyala LED has injected new impetus into the business, with significant productivity increases and an expanded range of services.

We’re paying a visit to the customer who began operating the 1000th printer from Swiss manufacturer swissQprint in May 2018: JPC Labo of Marly in France. Franck Dallefrate, the company’s owner and CEO, is highly satisfied: “The installation was done and dusted in just one day.” And production started running the very next day.

High volumes – short times
“Nyala LED needs just one day for work that used to take a whole week with our old flatbed printer,” Franck Dallefrate is pleased to point out. He’d had his eye on a swissQprint machine for a long time, he adds. But before he could consider procuring one, he had to restructure his business. “Now we have the capabilities to generate and process the volume that a printer of this sort can handle.”

A convincing multi-purpose tool
A presentation at sQp Impression UV, swissQprint’s partner in France, confirmed what Dallefrate already knew: “Other suppliers wanted to sell me three different machines to perform all the functions that one single Nyala LED can handle on its own.” He mentions pure flatbed printing, high-precision roll printing and – most important for him – finishing with effect varnish. Franck Dallefrate refers affectionately to his new large format printer as his “Swiss Army Knife”.

Image and print service provider
JPC Labo originally started out as a supplier of photographic services, but nowadays the firm views itself as an image and print provider. Development of photos still accounts for 30 per cent of the business, because the customer base still includes many photographers – who, together with artists, are now taking full advantage of the diverse range of special options offered by the Nyala LED. Varnish finishing and multilayer printing are especially popular. In addition, JPC Labo supplies decorative elements for ceilings, walls and floors in hotels and catering outlets and on trade fair stands, POS articles for the retail trade, and also lettering and signage for various clients.

Franck Dallefrate and his team are keen to experiment – always with the focus on solutions. “Occasionally, we quote for things even though we don’t know exactly how we’re going to produce them,” Franck Dallefrate admits with a laugh, “but we do know that we’ll manage the job with the Nyala LED.” The firm is also becoming more proactive in proposing new solutions to potential customers. Summing up, Dallefrate says: “Since we purchased the Nyala LED, our offering has become far broader than it was before.”


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