Digital Print Europe 2018, Market Reports Live – Digital Textile Printing


Market Reports Live are half-day market & technology forums on important digital applications. The sessions give detailed information from leading industry analysts, arming you with the data you need to build your business strategy. (Register Now!)


Tansy Fall, Editor, Digital Textile Magazine

Mutlu Chaouch Orozco, Digital ınnovation Analyst, WTIN Intelligence

Madelaine Cornforth, Deputy Editor, Digital Textile Magazine

Tuesday 18 September, 9:00-12:30

Textiles is now an established major market for digital printing and, with some of the highest growth figures in the industry, digital textile printing continues to offer opportunities. With continued development comes uncertainty and mixed messages for those wanting a clear picture of what is really happening. What is the true growth within the market? What is the scope of digital textile printing in the future? What is really feasible today for printers and designers? Come and find out from WTiN experts Tansy Fall, Mutlu Chaouch Orozco and Madelaine Cornforth.

  • An overview of the leading factors driving the digital textile market forward and will they change
  • A structured view into where the maximum opportunities lie in the coming years and how the leading brands are positioning themselves to be successful
  • An assessment of new technology introductions and what impact they have had in the industry
  • A discussion of what is still missing from the market and what can be done to bridge these gaps
  • A discussion on the future of digital textile printing and the technology developments needed to enable further growth


World Textile Information Network (WTiN) is an innovative B2B media company that lies at the heart of the global textile industry. Serving the textile value chain, from raw material to finished goods, through online, events and publications, WTiN provides the must-have information on manufacturing technology, environment and ethics, textile markets, finance, companies and events. The company has been working in the textile industry for 130 years with publishing and textile manufacturing knowledge. Our strengths include sector specialists, analysts and a key global contributor network all supplying valuable information into the market. With a global reach WTiN partners with a wide range of organisations including CEMATEX, CNTAC, INDA, CNITA, Messe Frankfurt, DnB & ITME across the industry both through events and publications.


Tansy Fall is Editor for the b2b print publications Digital Textile magazine, which reports on the digital textile print sector, and IoTex magazine, which focuses on the digitalisation of the textile value chain. Tansy also provides content for the online Effects channel and is responsible for developing multimedia content for Tansy acted as Desk Editor for the ITMA Asia Show Daily newspaper, India ITME newspaper, and the IndoIntertex newspapers in 2016. Tansy has a Master’s degree in Literature from the University of Leeds, UK.


Mutlu is the Digital Innovation Analyst for WTiN Intelligence and focuses on producing reliable analysis and high-value content for the digital textile industry. Mutlu started her career in a pigment paste manufacturing company as a laboratory manager. She went on to develop her career by specialising in market analysis, business development and strategic planning for a variety of public and private sector organisations. Her background and education have supported her transition into the digital textile printing industry where WTiN plays a key role, providing unmatched intelligence and insight into the global textile manufacturing industry. Mutlu holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and two master’s degrees in Data Analytics and Technical Management.


Madelaine is deputy editor of Digital Textile and IoTex magazines, having been at WTiN for almost three years. She has previously worked on International Dyer & Technical Finisher and also provides content for the online Effects and Textile 4.0 insight and intelligence channels and develops multimedia content. Madelaine has reported for the ITMA Daily newspaper 2015, ITMA Asia Daily newspaper 2016 and is part of the ITMA Asia Daily newspaper team this October and the ITMA Barcelona newspaper team in 2019. She was also responsible for the ITMA Asia showguide in 2016. Madelaine graduated from the University of Leeds with an MA in International Relations and has a BA in International Journalism from Liverpool John Moores University.


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