Dijital Tekstil Baskının Kalbi Bugünden İtibaren Barcelona’da Atacak


MATBAA&TEKNİK Dijital tekstil baskı Özel Sayısı Hall 8.1 Stand A219‘DA ISTMAG standında görülebilir.

ITMA 2019 Fuarı bugün kapılarını rekor katılımcı sayısı ile açtı. 45 ülkeden bin 717 katılımcı 120 binin üzerinde beklenen ziyaretçilere yeni teknolojilerini tanıtacak. Dijital tekstil baskının lider üreticileri ise yeni teknolojileri ile ağırlıklı olarak 3. Salonda yer aldılar. Epson’dan MS Printing Solutions’a, HP’den Aleph’e, Konica Minolta’dan EFI Reggiani’ye, Kornit digital’den Durst’a, Hanglory’den Bagü Reklam’a… 220 bin metrekare alanda yapılan fuar 26 Haziran akşamı saat 16:00’ya kadar açık kalacak. Fuar İspanya Bercelona’da Fira de Barcelona fuar alanında…

Daha fazla detaya aşağıdaki İngilizce bildiriden ve www.itma.com adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

Since its launch in 1951, ITMA has enjoyed wide industry recognition as the world’s largest textile and garment technology exhibition. This year’s exhibition in Barcelona sees its reputation solidify further with the largest gathering of exhibitors in its history. The record number of exhibitors totaling 1,717 from 45 countries has set a new milestone.

Speaking at the press conference on the opening day of the 18th edition of the exhibition, Mr Fritz P. Mayer, President of the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (CEMATEX), said: “The global economy is still facing challenges, accentuated by trade tensions and disruption. However, textile being the world’s oldest manufacturing industry has demonstrated its resilience over the years.

“This is also the spirit of our exhibitors who continually innovate and launch new technologies and solutions. We are glad that ITMA has been providing a reputable platform for textile machinery manufacturers to market their innovations. This has enabled us to record the largest number of exhibitors in ITMA’s history.”

The exhibits are showcased over 114,500 square metres of net exhibit space, a 9 per cent increase over the previous edition in 2015. The exhibition occupies all nine halls of the Gran Via venue, including the space under the linkway. To allow more companies to participate, many exhibitors were allocated lesser stand space than what they had originally applied for.

Mr Charles Beauduin, Chairman of ITMA Services, organiser of ITMA 2019 enthused: “The exhibition would have been larger if we had not turned away applicants due to a lack of space. Unfortunately, we could not accommodate a wait-list of about 250 applicants who booked some 8,200 square metres.”

He added: “ITMA has also evolved into a more international exhibition with a rich diversity of technology offerings from both East and West. Almost half of the total number of exhibitors are from non CEMATEX countries. This augurs well for the development of ITMA into a definitive textile and garment platform for the industry.”

International participation

Of the total number of exhibitors, over half are from CEMATEX countries; the balance comprising companies from other parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

Reflecting the international composition of the participants, the largest number of exhibitors are from Italy (364 exhibitors), China (276 exhibitors), Germany (222 exhibitors), India (169 exhibitors) and Turkey (164 exhibitors).

ITMA 2019 is held at Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue till 26 June. The opening hours are from 10.00am to 6.00pm daily, except 26 June when the exhibition will end at 4.00pm. For more information, please visit www.itma.com or download the ITMA 2019 app.

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