“Experience Day by Roland”


Wide format printer manufacturer Roland DG exhibited its unique solutions by  Experience day by Roland” event in Atölye İstanbul in cooperation with Promakim.

At the “Experience Day by Roland” event organized by Promakim and Roland, LEF-300, XT-640, MDX-40A, SRM-20, ARM-10, XR-640 were introduced to potential customers, experienced Roland users, makers, designers, academic stuff and students from colleges.

At the “Experience Day by Roland” event, where visitors discovered what they can do with their devices and experienced Roland’s unique applications, a wide variety of Roland product lineup and solutions was showcased by dividing space into 4 technologies area. In the areas including print & cut , textile, UV, and 3D machines with the sophisticated and out of box applications and interesting samples, how to use the technologies and capabilities of the machines were shown to visitors.

The LEF-300 and XT-640 devices offering personalized products attracted great attention by the visitors. By printing their name on small specially designed notebooks with LEF-300 and printing desired photos of the them with XT-640 and transferring it on bags, the visitors personalized their products.

They have had an unusual experience of exploring the business opportunities and applications that can be created with Roland’s unique solutions.

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