FESPA Eurasia, Printing and Signage Industries’ Only Domestic Capital Exhibiton

The 6th FESPA Eurasia will be held at IFM in 6 – 9 December with the partnership of ARED and FESPA and as the only 100% domestic capital exhibition of the printing industry, it puts all its revenue into the growth of the sector.

As the leading exhibition of wide format digital printing, screen printing, textile printing and signage segments, FESPA Eurasia adds value to Turkish printing industry since 2013. Organized in the heart of a geography covering North Africa, Middle East, Caucasus and Balkan markets: Istanbul, FESPA Eurasia successfully continues their growth mission since day one. So, what makes FESPA Eurasia different from their competition?

Successful collaboration between FESPA and ARED

FESPA Eurasia is organized by global printing industry’s non-profit organization FESPA and ARED (Sign Association of Turkey) in order to realize Turkish printing industry’s growth potential. ARED’s strong position in the domestic market and FESPA’s important network in global markets plays a major role in FESPA Eurasia’s success.

ARED Chairman of the Board Halil Eligür underlines that they are working for the industry with the industry. Eligür; “We have joined our missions as FESPA and ARED. FESPA Eurasia creates the dynamo effect needed by the industry to grow. The exhibition’s most important privilege is that it being organized by industry representatives for the industry itself. For this reason our exhibition is not only a platform where new products, innovations and services are demonstrated, but at the same time industry professionals have the opportunity to contribute to a common purpose and come together under the same roof for this purpose. With the aim of industry growth, ARED and FESPA are two associations working for the benefit of the industry. With the union of forces by these two associations, FESPA Eurasia has become a gain for the industry.”

The only domestic printing exhibition

Organized for the benefit of the industry and transferring all the profit back at the industry, FESPA Eurasia’s one other definitive feature is that it is organized by a domestic company. FESPA Eurasia Fuarcılık has been founded by the joint capital of FESPA and ARED to organized a stronger exhibition. The revenue from the exhibition returns again to the Turkish printing industry.

Non-profit FESPA Eurasia organizes several events, services and programmes in order to return the revenue back to the industry. Among these, supporting printing and signage programs and trainings takes precedence. Joint projects with different schools are undertaken and students are able to experience the industry before even graduating.

The exhibition’s half and half partner ARED, besides the contribution to the education, organizes regular city meetings to meet industry representatives. Right along with these events, Young ARED Summit stands as an important meeting point as well.

Signage Awards, rewarding and encouraging industry’s productive and creative strength, meet their owners in FESPA Eurasia exhibitions. One of FESPA Eurasia’s important contribution to the industrial culture was Respect for the Masters Book. This sponsored book, sheds a light to printing and outdoor advertising industry’s development, and draws a past and future perspective from the eyes of the masters.

Domestic potential gets realized through global networks

Progressing their development as a domestic initiative, FESPA Eurasia exhibition offers global printing industry federation FESPA’s the strong network to the service of domestic industry. Organizing 6 different exhibitions around the world, FESPA has a full event calendar for the industry representatives. You can follow FESPA events from www.fespa.com/en/events.

FESPA’s print survey Print Census prepared yearly, supplies the information resources needed by the industry. This survey carries a crucial importance for industry professionals’ investment and market labours.

Halil Eligür underlines FESPA Eurasia as an exhibition widely accepted by the Turkish printing industry. “We work fully focused on the industry and we show in every event we organize, our loyalty to this goal,” said Eligür, and continued saying; “Becoming the most important exhibition with its domestic identity, FESPA Eurasia opens the doors of the global markets as widely as possible for its exhibitors and visitors as no other exhibition can. Our expert fair team are constantly trained by FESPA to provide better service to the industry. Every exhibition shows that we are walking on a correct path by surpassing the previous one’s success. We thank our industry stakeholders for their support in this process.”


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