IMI Europe Inkjet Winter Workshop

Inkjet Printing Software – PRINTHEADS, IMAGES & COLOUR

Wednesday 24 – Thursday 25 January 2018, Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace, Valencia, Spain

For any digital imaging technology, software is fundamental as the printed image is defined by data, rather than by a physical object like a roller or screen. Inkjet printing software accepts design image files as its input and needs to transform this into data understood by the printheads as an instruction either to fire, or not to fire, a nozzle actuator at a given time. This complex task requires image handling and colour management to ensure consistent colour, especially for advanced decorative applications. The printing software also needs to split the data into suitable channels directed to each printhead in the system. It also needs to handle extremely high data rates to drive today’s high resolution, high speed printheads, especially in single pass printing applications with multiple colours and large image sizes.

IMI Europe’s Inkjet Printing Software course gives an in-depth overview of the fundamental aspects of digital imaging applications and the software functions needed for this, presented by leading companies in the field.


Course Outline

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Selecting and driving inkjet printheads
Clive Ayling, Meteor Inkjet

  • Printhead selection based on application
  • Fundamentals of printhead driver hardware and software
  • Hardware requirements for datapath
  • Data throughput
  • Scanning and single pass applications
  • Practical examples

Image and colour management
Gerrit Andre, Colorgate

  • Building a robust colour management workflow for digital printing
    • Colour management basics
    • ICC profiles and how they work
    • Colour measurement
    • Colour models, rendering intents, spot colours
    • Differences of the colour workflow between traditional and digital printing
    • Impact of the different input settings
  • Pros and cons of different file types
    • PDF subsets (PDF/X, PDF/VT, upcoming PDF 2.0)
    • What kind of information can be communicated with the different file types?
  • Accurate spot colour communication
    • Spot colour reproduction in digital printing
    • How spot colours can be defined
    • Communication of spot colour definitions
    • Current and future standards: CxF4 and PDF 2.0


Thursday 25 January 2018

Software for decorative applications
Kerry Port, AVA CADCAM

  • What to consider when preparing a file for digital print:
    • Editing, designing and repeating
    • Layer separations – channel workflows, why separate for digital? Colour control or colour variations?
    • What are the benefits over an image manipulation workflow when you’re colour critical?
    • Linearisation, profiling and soft proofing – checking and rechecking your colour match.
    • Printing – through AVA or third party RIPS.
    • Managing your digital print- how to monitor the variables.
    • Image handling and colour management.
    • Why image & non-specialised workflows are not ideal for high-end decorative printing.

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