Important Fire Safety Regulations for Materials Used in Indoor and Outdoor Decoration



Today the need for fire safety and certifications for materials became painfully clear when the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences had to close part of its facilities. The final research and results on the fire safety of the cladding at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is expected next Wednesday. This news is more than enough reason to reflect on the fire safety and certifications of the materials we use every day for indoor and outdoor signing and visual communication.

The different materials in your assortment and their applications require different fire safety requirements. What these contain and how you give your customer the best advice, you can read in this blog.

The facade as a business card

Facades are the ideal place to create the desired look for your customer. Facade lettering ensures that a company or organization can easily be found by customers and it is a reinforcement of your brand image. It also has a very high attention value in the streets. All reason to use this in an appropriate way and to take into account fire safety.

Wall signing, a boost for the experience and buying behaviour of customers

Several studies have already shown that the use of instore visuals has a major influence on the experience and buying behavior of customers. In no time, you turn a dull wall into a sparkling full color showpiece where the choice of the right material is of great importance. In this choice you immediately take into account the fire resistance of the material. Whether you want to use sheet material or cloths for indoors or outdoors, almost all materials that you can order from Probo are certified fire resistant, and are therefore suitable for use in companies and public areas.

Fire safety at trade fairs and events

The fire brigade sets fire safety requirements at fairs and events where your customers want to come up with the most impressive stands and other display materials. The exhibitors are in most cases obliged to only use fire-retardant materials in the stand. When fire breaks out, the exhibitor can be held responsible for damage such as an acceleration of fire spread. It is up to you to give your client the best advice so that he can engage in networking or promoting his company and image.

What about the classifications for fire resistance?

EN 13501-1 standard

Since 2015, countries such as the Netherlands, England, Belgium, but also Germany have set a European standard for fire safety. This is the EN 13501-1, a classification for fire resistance. The standard can be applied widely in, for example, the construction sector, but also in the construction of the facility.

DIN 4102 standard

Similar to the European NEN-EN 13501-1 there is the German DIN 4102 standard. This has been prepared by the Deutsches Institut für Normung, which covers the most divergent standard topics. This classification is seen as the European standard when it comes to fire safety of products. These are divided into an A and B class.

NF P92-501 standard

Just like German standards, French standards (NF P92-501) are seen as a generally accepted standard for fire-resistant materials in Europe. These are subdivided into classes: M0, M1, M2, M3 and M4.

On you will find the fire resistance of the materials according to the DIN 4102 standards or the French NF P92-501 standards. The overview and classification of classes can be found here.

Top 10 fire-safe materials with B1 certificate

Your top 10 fireproof materials with B1 certificate

For your print products or various projects, there is always a fire-safe solution available, whether it’s about atmosphere and style or sustainability: the products emphasize the look and qualities of every company or organization.

This is your top 10 of materials that are fire retardant and optimally applicable in the (international) project market or in public spaces:

Banner banners 510 and 610: the bestseller for banners, stand and company decoration.

Dekostof and Decotex: as Beech in Textile frames, straight Pop-up walls and Exhibition banners

Forex: ideal as displays, billboards, signage and other panels.

Dibond: widely used for indoor and outdoor panels, signs and signage with a luxurious look.

Airtex®: the seamless photo wallpaper for wallcovering up to 5 × 45 m in one piece or as a roll-up banner.

Samba Backlit: the number 1 canvas for illuminated frames.

3M ij20 & IJ40 foil series: for p (l) attention to vehicles, billboards, windows and in exhibition stands.

Blackback: for use as opaque light-blocking fabric in Textile Frames or Displays.

Voile: to provide a transparent separation in retail spaces, restaurants, during an event or at an exhibition.

Floor cover: turn your floors into real attention-grabbers in a store, company or exhibition stand.

Check or inquire with the specialist –

With this top 10 you always have a suitable fire-safe solution for your project. For more materials with fire-resistant certificates, see the specifications on It contains not only the fire-resistant characteristics but also print widths and other important characteristics.

In addition, it is good to know that our specialists are ready for your questions on a daily basis. We have a specialist in screen fabrics or sheets, but also our own specialist in foils or textiles. They like to think along with you in solutions and giving the right advice is what they like to do.

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