Inkcups Avrupa Pazarı İçin X360 Inkjet Rotary Yazıcıyı Sunar


Tüm dünyada 32 ofis ve 19 dağıtıcı ile çalışan Amerika bazlı Inkcups şirketi dijital inkjet ekipmanları, tampon baskı ekipmanları, lazer kalıp makineleri gibi makineler üretiyor. Şirket şimdi de Amerika kıtası için sunduğu X360 silindirik inkjet baskı makinesini Avrupqa’ya da açıyor. X360 silindirik objeler üzerine direkt baskı yapan D2S inkjet baskı makinesi. CMYK + opak beyaz ve opsiyonel vernik baskısı imkânı sunun bu rotary baskı makinesi 360 derece baskı yapabilir. İdeal uygulamalar metal kutular, plastik bardak, mum bardakları, cam bardaklar ve çelik gövdeli termoslar.

Global printing industry leader Inkcups announced the release of its latest high-speed rotary inkjet printer, the X360, to the European market following a successful year of operation at commercial production facilities in the U.S. market.

The X360 is the newest addition to the company’s overall direct-to-cylinder product line, which boasts the industry’s premier inkjet printers on a price to performance-basis. Capable of printing on tapered and straight-walled cylinders, this machine features specialized tooling for tilting conical parts to print 360 degrees. Ideal applications include metal and plastic sports bottles, candle holders, glassware, stainless steel tumblers and industrial parts such as oil filters.

The X360 delivers on-demand, full-color printing on cylindrical parts up to 305 millimeters (12 inches) tall with a 40 – 120 millimeters (1.5 – 4.5 inches) diameter.

The machine prints CMYK plus two highly opaque UV LED-curable white inks, with an optional varnish for additional visual impact. Additional specifications include:

  • Maximum image resolution: 900 dpi
  • Voltage: 220 VAC, 15 AMP
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1676.4 millimeters (66 inches) x 1549.4 millimeters (61 inches) x 1371.6 millimeters (54 inches)
  • Compatible software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw
  • 4-pass print mode

Inkcups is expanding its reach and range in the fast-growing European market. At FESPA Global Print Expo last month, the company released the field-proven X5 UV flatbed digital printer, now available for order in Europe. In addition to the company’s already-established office in Germany complete with a demonstration facility, sample printing capabilities and a dedicated sales team, the company will add designated technical staff beginning in mid-2019 to support product expansion to the European market.

The X360 is now available for order in Europe. The system includes one full year of InkCupCare. InkCupCare covers diagnostics and remove service calls, parts and more for one year. After the first year is over, Inkcups offers different extended coverage plans.

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