Mimaki Shows Their Leadership to Turkish Market


Mimaki, the leading brand of digital printing solutions, strengthens their leadership in Turkish market with a restructured sales network in 2017. Closing their 2017 event agenda with FESPA Eurasia, Mimaki Eurasia succeeds again in gathering the attention of the visitors with innovative printing solutions.

Leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers sought by sign, graphic, textile, garment and industrial markets, cutting plotters and innovative niche products, Mimaki attended FESPA Eurasia 2017 held from December 7th till10th. Welcoming visitors from several industries such as signage and textile printing, Mimaki Eurasia demonstrated solutions at their booth specifically demanded by the market.

Mimaki Eurasia General Manager Arjen Evertse commented that they have welcomed a lot of Mimaki users and industry professionals both from Turkey and abroad at their booth during FESPA Eurasia 2017. Evertse; “As in every exhibition, having a busy booth during the exhibition satisfied us greatly. It was very important for us to have the opportunity to meet more focused groups.”

New Innovations to Textile Printing Has Been Shown for the First Time

New products for textile printing were demonstrated to the Turkish market for the first time at Mimaki Eurasia’s booth; TS30–1300 entry level transfer printer suitable for parts and small runs using fluorescent colours. Being able to print sports garment, this printer fulfils the needs of boutique businesses and sample products. Besides this innovation, direct to fabric printer Tx300P–1800B and high speed transfer printer TS300P–1800 which gathers attention with its high paper compatibility were on display as well.

Launched in the Turkish market this year, sign product group Mimaki UCJV series attracted great interest from the visitors. This UV-LED print-and-cut machine, with its newly developed 4 layers printing technology, bringing backlit prints to incredible levels by changing the day-night displays. Besides, thanks to its UV curable ink, it brings a whole new vision to the advertisement industry by producing ready-to-use prints that do not need any waiting period before application.

Another Mimaki innovation, 3DUJ–553 3D printer with 10 million colour capacity was at the centre of the booth. This 3D printer, based on improved 2D inkjet print technology brings a breath of fresh air to this fast developing industry with its full coloured modelling power.

Other products that were visible in the Mimaki booth were; high speed UV-LED printer SIJ-320UV, able to print on stretch ceilings and backlit fabrics; desktop UV flatbed printers from the UJF-MkII Series, offering continuous printing capacity on a broad range of products; multi-functional single print head CJV150 and double print head CJV300 print-and-cut machines and the award winning JFX500-2131 UV flatbed printer offering high printing speed with a large table size.

Sales Organization has been Restructured in Order to Grow

Being in the Turkish market for a long time with their distributors, Mimaki devoted itself to the sales directly with the dealers last year. Arjen Evertse stated every step taken by Mimaki is for being closer to the market, end-users and dealers. Evertse; “With the restructuring of the sales organization that took place last year, we took the opportunity to be closer to the market, to understand the needs and demands better and to shape our evolving technology according to the requirement of our users. In this context we are more focused on the market with our dealers, allowing us to obtain important progress in the market.”

Highlighting Mimaki’s global market dominance with their digital printers and cutting machines, Arjen Evertse finished by saying; “Our main goal as Mimaki is to support our customers in increasing their business volume and be by their side, no matter where in the world, with our relations built upon trust and vision. Mimaki is developing and launching high quality, innovative, trustable and environment friendly solutions based on superior technology. Aiming to offer their users all the benefits of its technology, Mimaki provides excellent price/performance ratio”


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