Mimaki Shows the Way to High Profits with Digital Print

Mimaki Shows the Way to High Profits with Digital Print

Digital printing not only means fast and customizable solutions, but also high profitability from entry to industrial segment. Visitors at the Heimtextil Frankfurt, PSI and Viscom 2019 had the opportunity to experience this transformation with advanced printing solutions at Mimaki booth.

Mimaki, made a quick start in 2019. Mimaki Europe participated in the home textiles and contract products fair Heimtextil Frankfurt 2019, which took place on 8-11 January, with a concept that brought design and technology together. Mimaki also participated in the PSI and Viscom 2019 organized in Düsseldorf on 8-10 January and presented promotional, advertising and industrial printing solutions.

Worked with more than 10 designers for Heimtextil Frankfurt

Contract textiles and products in home textiles and commercial areas are becoming the most important applications of digital printing. Mimaki brought together the technical improvements in printing with the power of design, and collaborated with more than 10 inspiring designers worldwide for Heimtextil. With this collaboration, under the theme of ‘Unification of Innovation and Design’, the company highlighted the power and profitability of digital printing for all elements of art, interior design and fashion. Among the artists Mimaki Europe collaborated with were Sigrid Calon and Claire Vos. Anousjka Röben designed special shoes, while the creative studio Deux d’Amsterdam exhibited a unique kimono. All the elements of the upholstery were printed on Mimaki machines, including the works, chairs and cushions displayed under the ‘Dressing Room’ theme. Arjen Benningi adorned the booth walls with photos. With these works, Mimaki turned their booth into a trendy area and attracted the attention of the visitors during the fair.

Mimaki has digital printing solutions for all segments from entry to industrial level, and is expanding the application area of their users with their rich and unique inks. Heimtextil visitors had the chance to study Mimaki’s print solutions in three separate areas such as interior design, fashion and art. With the UCJV150-160 inkjet printer in the art section, significant advantages are achieved in the production of wallpaper. The ultra-efficient TS55-1800 sublimation transfer inkjet printer is used in both interior design and fashion, and has focused on upholstery during the exhibition. The Tx300P-1800B entry-level direct-to-textile system proved its power to print high-quality stretchable fabrics for fashion.

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Focus on new digital opportunities at PSI and Viscom 2019

The promotional products and advertising industry met in two trade fairs in Düsseldorf, organized jointly. Mimaki participated in PSI and Viscom 2019 between January 8th and 10th, with two separate booths, and exhibited their portfolio of UV flatbed, solvent and sublimation printing solutions. These technologies provide more profits in advertising, promotional products, industrial and textile markets, and attracted great attention during the fairs.

The Mimaki booth at PSI was the center of solutions for the promotional industry. The quality, efficiency and profitability of printing with Mimaki technologies attracted attention for promotional products made from dozens of different materials including glass, plastic, (faux) leather. UJF-3042Mkll, UJF-6042Mkll and UJF-7151plus printers have responded to the differentiated demands of the visitors at the Mimaki booth. Exhibited with its optional kebab unit and white ink, UJF-3042Mkll can print on 3D objects of 300 x 420mm size and on glass and plastic bottles at 360 degrees. The printing width of the UJF-6042Mkll is doubled. Both machines can print products up to 153mm in height. With a print size of 710mm x 510mm, the UJF-7151plus delivers a high level of performance for a wide range of promotional items, ID cards and personalized gifts.

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Industrial advertising solutions were exhibited at the Viscom 2019, and industry professionals had the opportunity to watch the live performances at the Mimaki booth. Live demonstrations of their solvent, UV and sublimation printers for applications in three distinct markets – Sign Graphics, Industrial Products and Textiles took place. The award-winning sign and graphics solution UCJV300-160 and UCJV300-75 feature a white ink capability enabling four-layer printing to create transformative graphics for backlit applications. Perfect for applications using transparent film, the printer also enables five-layer printing for producing different designs on both sides of the substrate, simultaneously. Another focus product of the booth was the TS55-1800, which was used for the printing of interior fabrics, sports and fashion apparel, flags and tapestries. Designed for high efficiency and high quality printing, this machine adapts to the changing business volumes with superior flexibility.

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