MS Printing & JK Group at FEBRATEX 2022


What we do to meet your sustainability printing goals by focusing on concrete actions

Come and visit us at FEBRATEX! The largest fair for the #textile industry of the Americas (23-26 August – Blumenau – Hall 3 – Stand 102). Here is what you will see at our booth:

  • The versatile scanning industrial #digital #printing machine can print both #fabric & paper and scale up the number of printheads (from 8 up to 16). JP7 is the key to modulate your investment and improving process efficiency by reducing operating costs and ensuring a rapid return of the investment. #JP7 reaches industrial printing speed ( ), satisfying today’s time-to-market.
  • Same Printing Results is a concrete advantage. Visitors will also get the chance to speak to our team about our full portfolio to support their growth: the advanced industrial machine models, equipped with 32 printheads, #JPKEVO, and the 64-printhead Minilario, and the most known single-pass Lario. The entire portfolio is equipped with the same Kyocera printhead technology, creating a platform to maximize flexibility, reliability, and reproducibility of results.
  • #Digistar #Bellagio BIB – reactive ink by JK Group – at work into JP7. You will see firsthand the results of your next investment in printing quality, color intensity, depth of black colors, and runnability. The high-performance level is possible thanks to the perfect balance between printability and drying. Then, look at the bag-in-box packing, which permits:

A significant reduction, around 80%, in plastic use compared to the traditional HDPE bottles.

A significant reduction in volume, around 90%, in space requirements for shipping and warehouse waste, thus contributing to and reducing the #environmental impact.

The BIB #plastic and cardboard components are separable, allowing easy cardboard #recycling.

  • We will be talking about #Pigment printing, therefore less water and energy consumption. #Printing with pigment inks is an easy and waterless process, suitable for a wide range of fibers. The printing process by pigment allows a sustainable production chain, ensuring cost-effective printing outputs. This is possible, thanks to the flexibility and versatility of JP7 which can be easily “shifted” to other printing processes, making the investment extremely cost-effective.
  • We help your sustainable development goals with concrete actions by offering #disperse, dye-sub, pigment, and #reactive #inks that comply with the major textile international environmental standards, among which there are ZDHC and Eco Passport certifications. Let’s talk about this, come and visit us.


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