MS Printing Solutions Inaugurates New Centre of Excellence at Guanzate


MS Printing Solutions, the world leader specialized in the production of textile printing machinery, is part of the Dover Corporation, headquartered in Chicago. A new center of excellence by MS Printing Solutions has been inaugurated at Guanzate, in the Como region, to serve as an academy and a technical training school for the digital printing industry to train future machine operators, print technicians, and designers. This is a place to design and work on the future of textile printing, with a focus on innovation and green technology, from which the “LaRio” digital printing machine was born.

It aims not only to bring Made in Italy quality to the world and to expand the digital printing in production processes but also to educate and prepare the next generation of technicians.

About one hundred professionals are expected to receive training at this institute every year. With an investment of about 8 million euros, the new facility is totally self-financed with the mission to innovate the process of textile printing involving machinery, software and chemistry.


“The true innovation – says Paolo Milini, vice president of MS – is that here we print virtually without wasting water thanks to a recycling and distillation system through which we recover 99% of the water needed for the process. This is imperative in a world that is increasingly oriented towards environmental sustainability.”

Compared with the traditional printing, digital printing is also faster, adaptable to the needs and more customizable, both in terms of complexity and design definition. “Como has become a center of excellence in digital printing,” he adds. “It’s no coincidence that almost all the production in the region has already been converted to digital. But the skills must also be developed, hence the idea of creating this Academy. In addition, we hire about 30 people per year who need the training, as well as our customers’ technicians.”

At the inauguration ceremony, there were members of the American board of directors, plus other company-related officials – Jk Group and Caldera software house – who explained how the future made possible by the digital textile printing will remarkably shorten the production chain since all phases, from creative to physical, can be in the same place. The new center at Guanzate, where LaRio machine can be seen producing 50 meters of finished fabric per minute, is the first center of excellence for the production of digital textile printing with technology and quality Made in Como. The other two centers are scheduled in Shanghai and in North Carolina, USA.


The new center of excellence is born from the excellence of Como area and it brings to the world the quality and the history of Italian textile production that is always at the forefront of innovation. But above all, it is the fruit of a commitment and collaboration between companies.

“Although Dover Corporation acquired us in 2014 – explains Paolo Milini – ours remains a family business. My father Luigi, who is still the current president, started as a printer for printing presses in 1983. For twenty years we have produced traditional machines and since 2003 we have definitively converted to digital printing only.”

“The idea of the green and short supply chain is not new to us. We started working on the concept at the end of the nineties” he says, “but as there was no technology, we had to wait for it to become available on a large scale. Now the digital printing allows us to create everything in the same place, from design to printing in order to turn concepts into reality. Here we have five different sized machines that allow our customers to produce different products as per their requirements with implementation times that are much shorter than what happens with traditional machines. This is the Italian creativity.”


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