MS Printing ve Kiian Digital Heimtextile Fuarına Katıldılar


7-8 Ocak tarihleri arasında Almanya Frankfurt’ta gerçekleşen ve ev tekstilinin lider fuarlarından olan Heimtextile fuarında dijital baskı markalarını sergileyen Dover Group‘un iki şirketi MS Printing ve Kiian Digital birlikte yer aladılar. Her iki şirketin de yeniliklerinin sergilendiği standda ön plana çıkan ürün yeni reaktif mürekkep Bellagio oldu. Şirket tarafından yapılan basın açıklamasında yeni mürekkebin demosunun MS Printing’in başarılı dijital baskı çözümü MS JP4 EVO 3200 ile yapıldığı bilgisine yer verildi. Basın açıklamasını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz:

Dover Company and its affiliated JK Group participated in Heimtextil 2020 in January 7-8 with its brands for textile printing. While Kiian Digital, which is a part of JK Group, offers the latest updates especially in Bellagio reactive inks, MS Printing introduced digital textile printers focusing on efficiency and productivity. JK Group focuses on the steps towards sustainability to take part in the textile production processes in a concrete and conscious manner.

Kiian Digital met Heimtextil visitors with the latest updates in the Digistar Bellagio reactive ink series, which promises an unexpected performance, and its entire portfolio of ink products designed for textile printing. Bellagio series will benefit from a custom-made waveform for MS printing machines. JK&MS Marketing and Communications Manager Marco Girola said; “Our R&D Teams have done a long fine-tuning on the formula, working side by side with MS Team to setup a bespoke waveform, reaching top printing performance. This is the outcome of the synergic job among the teams, making the difference”.

The custom-made waveform is a keynote of Bellagio series which offers an unmatched result in terms of reliability, lower wear of printheads and quality of prints outcome.  At the booth visitors attended live-demos of Bellagio printing by a MS JP4 EVO 3200 printing machine.

Another prominent solution of Kiian Digital is Digistar Bravo disperse inks that can print directly on polyester. Even Bravo series shows a customized waveform developed for MS’s printing machines. Bravo is Kiian Digital’s flagship for printing home textile fabrics; thanks to the absolute level of its general fastness: washing, light and rubbing; as well as the wide colour range. In addition, the area reserved for the pigment series Digistar K-Choice for direct textile printing at the booth was able to attract attention from visitors.

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