NAZDAR Releases New CARE118 UV Flattening Paste

NAZDAR Ink Technologies has developed a new flattening paste for screenprinting inks, CARE118, formulated with newly available raw ingredients to provide a whiter, less amber appearance and more concentrated flattening ability.
“CARE118 has many improvements that are practical and time-saving,” said Terry Kimrey, Nazdar Ink Technologies’ Market Analyst. “Flattening powders can be messy and pastes can cause unwanted color change; CARE118 addresses both issues, making it a user-friendly choice as a universal flattener for most Nazdar UV screen ink lines.”
It is recommended for printers who use CARE59 Satin Paste to switch to the new CARE118 Flattening Paste due to its significantly improved performance capabilities. For more information, see the Nazdar website.


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