“The world’s largest accommodation company (Air BnB) doesn’t own a single hotel. The world’s largest taxi company (Uber) doesn’t own a single vehicle.” Peter Biggs, Chief Executive of advertising agency Assignment Group New Zealand reminds all industries “Disruption isn’t restricted within an industry—it’s borderless.” The print industry is experiencing a[…]

Disruption: Where do we go from here…now?


NAZDAR Ink Technologies has developed a new flattening paste for screenprinting inks, CARE118, formulated with newly available raw ingredients to provide a whiter, less amber appearance and more concentrated flattening ability. “CARE118 has many improvements that are practical and time-saving,” said Terry Kimrey, Nazdar Ink Technologies’ Market Analyst. “Flattening powders[…]

NAZDAR Releases New CARE118 UV Flattening Paste


Fujifilm’s commitment to environmental responsibility has been recognised as fourteen inks in its Uvijet UV range have achieved UL GREENGUARD certification. The criteria to obtain this widely-recognized accreditation are among the most stringent product emissions standards in the world. UL GREENGUARD Certified products are well established and scientifically proven to[…]

Fujifilm Uvijet UV inks obtain UL GREENGUARD Certification


New membership service supported with new user-friendly website Print service providers (PSPs) who are not located in one of FESPA’s 37 association countries can now join FESPA as a direct member, with the launch of FESPA Direct. Historically, PSPs outside an existing FESPA association country have not been able to[…]

FESPA Launches FESPA Direct

Serkan Cagliyan

Türk ekonomisi ve özelde baskı endüstrisi 2017 yılının ilk yarısında başarılı bir sınav verdi. Sektörle birlikte gücünü arttıran Pigment Reklam, yenilikçi ürünleriyle müşteri portföyünü çeşitlendirmeyi başardı. Geniş format baskı, dijital baskı, dijital kesim çözümleriyle Türk baskı endüstrisinin en güvenilir partnerlerinden Pigment Reklam, 2017 yılının ilk yarısında pazar beklentilerinin elde edildiğini[…]

Pigment Reklam 2017’nin İlk Yarısında Büyümeyi Sürdürdü