Pigment Reklam Launches Plamac to the Turkish Market


Plamac models, developed for those who want to buy UV and UV LED printing machines with a more affordable budget without sacrificing quality and speed, have come to the Turkish printing market with Pigment Reklam. The Plamac models leave their competitors far behind with their technical equipment.

Pigment Reklam has brought the brand Plamac to Turkey in order to meet the demands of cost and profitability of the Turkish printing industry. Plamac addresses the needs of companies looking for a single source solution for efficient, fast and quality printing due to the increasing competitive conditions and investment costs. Plamac meets the market with Pigment Reklam’s technical service assurance.

Having a 15-year experience in UV printing technologies, Plamac calls out to all markets where UV and UV LED printing is done. Explaining that Plamac and Pigment Reklam have reached an agreement after an interview for about 6-7 months, Pigment Reklam firm owner Serkan Çağlıyan underlined that they have added a complete brand to the Turkish printing market. “Plamac has powerful and well-supported UV printing solutions that can easily handle the shortcomings of all the machines in the industry,” Çağlıyan said. “Plamac will offer UV and LED models, including flatbed, roll to roll and hybrid. This models will be the first choice for those who want to get print results at higher print quality with smooth, high-speed and efficient operations.”

Plamac has a solution for the whole print industry

Explaining that Plamac will offer printers for the UV, Solvent and Textile industries, Serkan Çağlıyan emphasized that the flatbed, roll-to-roll and hybrid models have a price and performance advantage over their competitors.

Çağlıyan said that with Plamac they aimed for beginning level and middle segment market and continued saying; “Plamac provides the best technology in its segment for those who want to make the best investment with an average budget. It has a higher print speed compared to its competitors. With a strong structure and equipment, it guarantees a longer life and strength. Plamac models are ideal for many printing jobs such as glass, leather, wood, barisol, advertising and printing. Customers who demand high quality at low cost will also have the lowest service problems. Prints in vibrant colors without any color problem becomes possible with the head combination currently not available in any machine in Turkey. We believe that Plamac will expand its customer portfolio in the short term by proving itself in the market.”


Technical superiority does not stay on paper, it becomes alive

Plamac digital printers are equipped with Ricoh Gen5 and Koycera print heads. Special 4-row Ricoh Gen5 print heads are available for varnishing,  white application and embossed prints of colors. In addition, white and other colors have the possibility to print at the same symmetrical speed. These machines with the Caldera RIP system can achieve print speeds of up to 140m2 / hour and 1200dpi print resolution.

In models with Kyocera print heads, there are 8 double-row head combinations that are different and superior to their competitors. All Kyocera print heads are equipped with Lineer motor and Lineer magnetic encoder system. These machines, which also use the Caldera RIP system, can print speeds up to 260m2 / hour and print resolution up to 2400dpi.

Plamac printers are printing on the above mentioned quality and features on medias such as glass, leather, wood, forex, foil, tarpaulin, light fabric, Barisol, plexiglass. With the use of the LED system, Plamac models, which are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, also have special certifications in the dyes they use.

Pigment Reklam technical service power is always right by you

Voicing that Pigment Reklam will give full technical support to the customers after the sale as much as in the process of sales, Serkan Çağlıyan concluded saying; “When technical support is needed, we will first help on the telephone and with remote access. If the next step is needed, the support will be provided in the same day for Istanbul, and outside Istanbul, it will be provided the next day by going to the facility the machine is located. This means that we will continue to provide comprehensive services that we are already giving. We are ready for intensive service requests that result from using a new technology. We are experiencing the happiness of bringing a new brand to the Turkish printing industry.”


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