‘Rise With Print at FESPA Eurasia 2018’


The high standards demanded by the printing industry, which is increasingly competitive, stand out with ‘Rise with Print’ concept of FESPA Eurasia 2018. Printing professionals will have the chance to explore the latest products and services available on the market, as well as new inspirations to increase their business volume.


The latest solutions in outdoor advertising, signage, digital printing, textile printing, screen printing and garment decoration will be presented again at FESPA Eurasia this year. FESPA Eurasia 2018, which is organised in partnership between FESPA and ARED, will take place on 6-9 December, at the new exhibition venue Istanbul Expo Centre (İFM) in Halls 9, 10 and 11.

For this year, the tag line emphasizes passion for success and the rise that comes with creativity; Rise with Print at FESPA Eurasia 2018.  FESPA Eurasia, where cutting-edge technology and services will be launched, is encouraging the whole sector to bring out its true potential and reach new levels of success.

As the only domestic capital exhibition organized for the benefit of the printing industry, they keep on working to ensure the industry employees are better qualified as well as giving support to exhibitors and visitors by organizing a regional exhibition. FESPA with their partner ARED, continues to support the training programs in 3 vocational high schools in Ankara, İzmir and İstanbul. At the same time, they also support the legal applications initiated by ARED to define and set occupational standards for ‘Sign Makers’ and ‘Sign Measurement and Installation Workers’.

ARED has implemented the application of the Vocational Qualification Institution (MYK) and aims to complete the National Qualification studies by the end of this year and to get the standards of ‘Sign Maker’ and ‘Sign Measurement and Installation Workers’ included in the professions that are certified by the government in 2019. Thus, FESPA Eurasia, acting together with the industry for the legal and administrative processes, not only focuses on growing the volume of the market but also on increasing the standards by preparing the industry according to the needs of tomorrow.

“FESPA Eurasia will meet the demands of industry professionals focused on growing their business by working in innovative areas, said FESPA Eurasia Sales Manager Betül Binici, and added that the marketing of the 2018 edition started at a great pace. Binici continued her words as follows; “Every FESPA Eurasia is shaped by a different concept that is the continuation of each other. In each of them, we emphasize a special message that we want to give to the industry in accordance with the dynamics of that year. The concept we have developed for the FESPA Eurasia 2018 explains the volumetric and qualitative rise together. We said ‘dare to be different ‘ last year and emphasized the importance of creativity in this industry, which is much related to visual communication and arts, and that everything imaginable can be printed with the products and technologies taking part in the exhibition. With creative solutions that can be produced with machinery and tools available at the show, this year we are emphasizing the rise of standards in the market and we want to be the best example in the Eurasian region by increasing our potential both as an exhibition and industry.”

FESPA Eurasia at İFM with innovations!

FESPA Eurasia takes place at the Halls 9, 10 and 11 of İFM-Istanbul Expo Center, which is 5 minutes away from Ataturk Airport. Located at the center of a rich transportation network and accommodation facilities, İFM offers a positive contribution to the exhibition budgets of participating companies. With moving the event to a new venue, FESPA Eurasia could renew square meter unit prices and thus helping exhibitors reduce their participation costs and spend more on their own marketing facilities with the saved amounts from the exhibition budgets.  Since the technical services to be purchased in the new venue will be carried out from a single contractor, participating companies will have the advantage of reasonable technical service costs compared to previous years.

The official website of FESPA Eurasia 2018 is now live and visitors are able to register online to receive their ticket to attend this year’s event.

Visit www.fespaeurasia.com for more information about FESPA Eurasia 2018 at IFM from 6-9 December.


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