This Spring Marks a New Beginning


Four seasons in Istanbul is something to be experienced.

It is beautiful and mesmerizing. Incredibly though, spring in Istanbul is even more beautiful. Draped all over with judas trees, lilacs and tulips, the city boldly displays its mind-blowing beauty come the springtime. Violet blends with blue and together gives birth to a wind of serenity that gently blows one’s worries away. Istanbul is gorgeous. And every new spring marks a new beginning for it.

Take April for instance; it is tulip time. They come in all different colors and shapes. That is of course, if you let the colors in Emirgan Park take you to a magic land, breathe in the refreshing smells of judas trees, feel the chilling sea breeze in the Bosphorus, rejoice with the joyous sounds of Pera, join in the happy chatter in Gulhane, or take in the spiritual air of Eyup. These are the happy feelings that get a special boost in the spring. Thank Allah we are living in a city where we can fill out hearts with such feelings.

But if you are not ready to accept the traffic jam, or tiny apartments in housing developments, hectic business life, the gray roads of Topkapı and other similar challenges of living in a city, then things might be a little more difficult for you.

But it would be losing it completely if we ever completely settled with the dark office rooms in tall buildings, air from A/Cs rather than the fresh spring breeze, or the cheap politics.

Spring in 2016 will have a different meaning for Turkish printers as they will be flying to Düsseldorf from all over Turkey; from Capadocia, from Istanbul, Ardahan, Rize and Bursa. 11 days is a long time and whether you’ll stay there for the entire duration of the fair or shorter, there is no doubt that there is going to be waits at long crepe queues, talks about the new technologies and experiences of a completely different spring.

From Heidelberg to Xerox, from KBA to Komori, an astonishing variety of innovations, coupled with the colorful scenery in the fair grounds, there is no doubt, drupa 2016 will send you home with a whole new set of questions in your mind. I’m talking about stuffing company brochures, magazines, and huge maps in your bag forgetting that you’ll have to pay for them in the airport, or the ever-buzzing Messe grounds, overcrowded U78 tramcars, Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof craze and the most-talked-about stands during Altstadt dinners.

drupa is more than a fair, and has its own rituals. It’s something else. It’s different and everyone has their own interpretation of it.

My interpretation of drupa 2016 is the spring. I see it as the spring of Turkish printing industry that is on the verge of a big change. Accept the change. Sometimes the best way to end a vicious circle is starting from the scratch.

Let’s experience drupa with change this spring.

We’ll be there and we’ll be expecting you.

Kind regards,




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