swissQprint Mürekkep Laboratuvarı Açılıyor


swissQprint mekanik, kontrol sistemleri ve yazılımları biraraya topladığı çatının altına şimdi bir de mürekkep laboratuvarı ekliyor. Laboratuvar şirketin merkezinde yer alıyor. Yüz civarında personelin istihdam edildiği şirket merkezinde çalışan sayısı sürekli artıyor ve laboratuvarda da mürekkep konusunda uzman bir ekip yer alıyor. Şirket CEO’su Reto Eicher, “Yeterliliğimizi genişleten bu laboratuvar müşterilerimize optimum çözümler üretmemiz için tasarlandı tasarlandı”, diyor ve ekliyor: “Bu laboratuvar öncelikle mürekkep kullanıcılarının ve onların uygulamalarını sigorta altına alacaktır.”

swissQprint Türkiye’de Pigment Reklam Ürünleri tarafından temsil ediliyor.

swissQprint Opens Ink Laboratory

The development and manufacturing of digital large format printers is swissQprint’s core business: their mechanics, control systems and software all take shape under one roof. Now, that roof also houses an ink laboratory.

swissQprint has set up an ink laboratory at its headquarters and employed the requisite specialists. “This expansion of our competence is designed to give customers an all-round optimum solution,” says Reto Eicher, CEO of swissQprint. As he explains, the new ink laboratory is primarily responsible for ensuring the quality of the inks used and their application suitability.

Agility brings innovation in large format printing

The newly formed Swiss team of specialists communicates eye-to-eye with ink suppliers. Of course, this interchange is also meant for maintaining a continuous improvement process: there has always been a fast and direct flow of knowledge and feedback from the market into development and series production at swissQprint. Adjacency helps it all along: product managers and engineers of the mechanics, control systems and software all work just a door or two away from production. Such agility is a strength of this company, known for its well-conceived and high-quality large format printers.

swissQprint currently employs more than 100 people at its headquarters in Switzerland, and intends to continuously grow. “We are facing the future with confidence,” Reto Eicher says. Around 40 more people work at swissQprint subsidiaries in the USA, Spain, Germany and Japan that act as pure sales and service operations to complement over 30 partners.


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