With increased tablet and smartphone usage leading to clear signs of digital fatigue among consumers, it’s increasingly challenging for brand campaigns to ‘cut through’ on digital channels – and that’s great news for print.

Disappointing response rates from digital-only campaigns are driving a growing number of marketers to realise that online channels may not be enough to engage consumers.  The response from many brands is to mobilise print more proactively alongside digital, integrating more printed marketing into their multi-channel campaigns to provoke that elusive response.

But in the age of attention deficit, with many consumers in a state of near-constant distraction, brand owners need print to work harder than ever to deliver a measurable uplift in reaction and response.

And their Print Service Providers (PSPs) need to do more than stick to tried and tested formats and according applications. There’s a unique opportunity for you to show campaign planners and print specifiers how the full spectrum of ‘on demand’ digital print applications that can be produced today can inject new life into their campaigns, appeal to consumers’ emotions and boost online traffic, in-store footfall and sales.

When we live and breathe print, it’s easy to forget that brand owners and marketers may not necessarily be familiar with the many possibilities enabled by large format digital print solutions – both creatively and in terms of the scope to reduce time to market, deliver dynamic campaign materials ‘just in time’, and customise campaign assets to specific audiences or seasonal promotions.

Today, we can work with a previously unimaginable range of printable media, which means that the creative response to a campaign brief has almost no limits, including everything from in-store Point of Sale (POS) and packaging, to decorating the entire interior of a store.

To illustrate the explosion of possibilities that are achievable with digital print, at FESPA 2019 we’re showing multiple elements of a creative product launch campaign around ‘Speed’, a coffee table book showcasing the work of documentary photographer Horst A. Friedrichs. On our stand (B5-E30), we’ll show a wide variety of large format applications and elements of a bookstore interior, bringing to life the unique value of digital large format print in maximising the visual impact of a promotional campaign.

From POS units designed to stimulate impulse purchases, through to interior décor that enhances the in-store experience, the ‘Speed’ campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of print to engage customers emotionally at various touchpoints in their buying journey.

We hope that the many different ‘Speed’ campaign executions being produced live across the stand using the whole range of Canon technologies will inspire you with new ideas for how you could add value for customers; for example by enhancing your product portfolio with new applications, adding value to prints with textures to make these tactile and special effects, or by offering a fuller range of finishing and installation capabilities.

A broader range of applications can deliver a number of clear commercial benefits. For example, a wider portfolio of products and services can help you to expand your business into new market segments, while refining a specialist capability could develop into a profitable niche.

Aside from creating new revenue streams and giving you a point of difference compared with local competitors, a more comprehensive product offering can be an important step to moving discussions away from price. By offering a holistic solution to your customers’ challenges, you may be able to move further towards value-based pricing and encourage greater customer loyalty. Of course, there is also a clear opportunity to capitalise on the wider social trend to greater personalisation and even customisation as a way of adding value and improving your margin.

At FESPA 2019, we’re encouraging visitors to think about how digital print on demand can fuel emotion, value and vision. By provoking an emotional response with the consumer through creative, attention-grabbing print, you can build value for the brand owner through increased engagement and sales, and power your own success. If we are positive champions of the unique power of print, we can fuel a more contemporary vision of marketing that takes multi-channel brand promotion to a whole new level.

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