The future of web-to–print is today


Demand for web-to-print

As a number of businesses struggle to push industry into the fourth revolution, there are customers asking for the fifth and, for the print industry, the concept of web-to-print demands it. Major online retailers are creating infrastructures to cater for this demand either by creating their own or boosting existing ones to feature these services on their online stores.

At ROQ, we’ve been implementing the concept of Industry 4.0 for the last four years and our methods of production have evolved immensely through new facilities, equipment, quality control and new processes.

During this period of sustained evolution and accelerated growth, market needs have evolved. The web-to-print market, for example, is requesting shorter than ever delivery times from the screen printing industry.

The end-customer for print-on-demand or web–to-print is very demanding. This global clientele thrives in micro-moments and expects fast delivery, which in many cases is expected within 24 hours. Web-to-print enables each customer to go online and purchase a custom-made t-shirt, with their choice of fabric, colour, design, size and print size. The creativity lies on the side of the customer and there is a great opportunity for the print industry as they have a direct line to the end customer.

Web-to-print is a very interesting challenge and a huge market opportunity. The demand is high and is expected to increase exponentially, which is down to more and more demand for personalised products. To facilitate this, new production means are necessary. Screen printing has its unique merits but it is not suitable for this type of job. Traditional screen printing is best suited for large runs where the cost of the screen is diluted by each print done. With digital printing every print cost is the same. This makes it perfect to deliver this type of unique product. It is a high-quality print, with high definition and is very easy to change the design. It is also personalised since the customer is directly involved in its conception.

Our solution NOW

At ROQ we have developed and produced from the initial idea to the final product, the ROQprint NOW. This is a direct-to-garment (DTG) press with an inline process and a fully automated workflow. ROQprint NOW is one of the fastest DTG solutions on the market, producing 300 pieces per hour, and is designed to be tailor made for web-to-print. With this latest solution, we are helping printers to make the leap to industry 5.0 where humans and robots streamline the production process allowing for unique products.

With the ROQprint NOW the web-to-print process is as simple as:

  • The customer places an order with their choice of  fabric, size, colour design (the order generates a barcode)
  • The barcode is read by the ROQprint NOW
  • Operator loads the appropriate t-shirt
  • A few minutes later the t-shirt will be ready to ship

The production process is as fluid as possible ensuring customers are satisfied with a high-quality print delivered in the shortest amount of time with the unique touch given by the customer.

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