Yeni XpertJet Ürün ailesi FESPA 2020’de Sergilenecek


Mutoh EMEA, Fespa ziyaretçilerine obje kişiselleştirme, tabela&sergileme ve baskı için yeni dijital baskı fırsatları sunarak kâr etmeyi vadediyor.

Mutoh Avrupa 24 – 27 Mart tarihleri arasında Madrid’de düzenlenecek olan FESPA 2020 fuarında yeni XpertJet 461UF ve 661UF masaüstü UV LED obje üzerine direct baskı (DtO) yazıcıları ile iki yeni geniş format vinil kesicisi ValueCut II 1300 & 1800’ü sergileyecek. Son dönemde tanıtımı yapılan XpertJet 1641SR ve XpertJet 1682SR – 64” (162 cm) geniş tabela&sergileme bobinden bobine yazıcıları da FESPA’da sergilenecek. Mutoh ayrıca (DtO yazıcıları için) yeni Dijital Fabrika UV Mutoh Editleme RIP yazılımını da gösterecek.

XpertJet 461UF / 661UF UV LED direct to object printers

The XpertJet 461UF/661UF are Mutoh’s second generation UV LED 6-colour desktop direct to object printers.  They will respond to the increasing demand for added value personalised prints and bespoke small-lot production of commercial and industrial print applications.  The XPJ-461UF is an A3+ size model.  XPJ-661UF is an A2+ size model.

The new XpertJet desktop flatbed printers feature various product enhancements such as a new multi-language intuitive OLED display, an extended print area, new cosmetics and a pioneering innovation, i.e. Mutoh’s Local Dimming Control technology.  With this technology, it is possible to produce multiple varnish effects in the same print table movement.  The result is a substantial productivity boost.

Typical applications encompass prints on phone covers, personalised gifts, photo products, promotional items such as pens, lighters & USB sticks, souvenirs, awards, small signs, small series production or prototyping of packaging samples, decorative tiles, etc…

XpertJet 1641SR/1682SR sign & display printers

The XpertJet 1641SR/1682SR models – Mutoh’s fifth generation of sign & display printers – are the successors of the multi-awarded Mutoh ValueJet 1624X and ValueJet 1638X printers.  These 64” (162 cm) wide piezo drop-on-demand roll fed printers feature a new 7 colour – CMYK, Lc, Lm, Lk – ink set, multiple product enhancements and pioneering innovative features.

XpertJet 1641SR is a single head 4 colour model.  XpertJet 1682SR is a dual staggered head model for 2×4 colour setup or 7 colour setup.  The printers can utilise Mutoh’s new Greenguard GOLD certified MS41 series eco solvent inks as well as Mutoh’s universal mild solvent inks.

The XpertJet printers have been specifically developed for high quality cost-effective volume production of sign & display graphics, for long term outdoor applications as well as durable prints for indoor use.  Applications encompass posters, backlit signs, interior décor & wall coverings, point-of-sale displays, fine art reproduction prints, vehicle graphics, windows graphics, self-adhesive stickers, etc…

ValueCut II wide format sign cutting plotters

The ValueCut II 1300 & 1800 are high performance multi-purpose drag knife vinyl cutting plotters for advertising businesses and signmaking professionals.  The second generation ValueCut cutters feature new cosmetics, a new mainboard and keyboard, an extended input buffer as well as a standard Ethernet, USB and serial port.

Offering cutting speeds up to 1530 mm/s, an acceleration up to 4.2 G and a cutting force up to 600 g as well as a guaranteed 10 meters media tracking, the new VC2-1300 & VC-1800 are suited for regular signage & lettering applications, apparel heat transfer graphics as well as for contour cutting of preprinted graphics.  With the integrated automatic registration mark detection technology, it is easy to produce series of stickers which are contour cut and/or die cut.

Digital Factory UV – Mutoh Edition RIP software

Digital Factory UV – Mutoh Edition is a new dedicated RIP software solution for Mutoh UV LED direct to object flatbed production printers.  Developed for Mutoh Europe by CADlink Technology Corporation, this new RIP solution has been specifically tailored to the Mutoh ValueJet 426UF / ValueJet 626UF as well as to the new XpertJet 461UF / 661UF models.

Digital Factory UV Mutoh Edition integrates a dedicated feature set smartly addressing the unique production workflow requirements inherent to UV digital direct to object print technology.

Additionally, the RIP software also offers a dramatically simplified pre-production workflow to allow graphic designers and printer operators to efficiently and correctly work with white and clear inks.


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